Professional Teachers

Energetic and wise, knowledgeable and prepared, creative and resourceful, kind and motivated; our teachers works to inspire every child every day.

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High School Credit Program

Children have a great opportunity to take a Language test upon graduation and receive two credits of Russian Language I and Russian Language II.

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Literature Arts

Literature art activities can help children in all areas of development. Including better test scores, quicker thinking and better understanding the world.

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Russian Language & Arts

About us

We work with kids of various ages, starting at age 4 and going up to as old as 14-15.  While studying in our school, children not only learn the alphabet, grammar, obtain the reading and writing skill, but also gain useful attainments that will come helpful in their general learning and future study at colleges and universities. We arrange the environment where students develop abilities to think critically, analyze and draw conclusions. We educate children in Christian traditions, to love family members, to be kind with others, to respect customs and traditions.


  • 2002

    Grand Opening

  • 2005

    First Graduation

  • 2012

    Ten Year Anniversary

  • 2015

    High School Level Credits

what we have achieved

Throughout the past decade and a half


TEACHERs & Staff








My vision is that students who are graduating from our school could not only speak, read, and write, but moreover, so they could express their thoughts beautifully and properly, understanding grammatical rules and applying them accordingly.

Irina V. Leonova -

Russian Language Teacher

I was part of the first graduating class in 2002 when Russian School of Charlotte. Not only was I able to use my certification to help bypass my foreign language requirements in college but helped me keep up with my Russian so I can continue being bilingual. Russian school of Charlotte is an amazing program […]

Irina V. Bakalenko -

2004 School Year Graduate